Construction Control Guidelines



Construction Control Guidelines of project will help participants to establish right relationship with each other. It explains guidelines and minimum requirements that must be adhered to by developers for the duration of their construction activities. It can be listed as follows:



Purpose of Construction Control Guidelines

  • Provide a framework for communication between the Developer, the developer's Project Manager, and other individual developer's project teams.
  • Establish the responsibility for logistics of the site and the individual plots.
  • Identify the information available on site pertaining to individual plots.
  • Identify the information required to be submitted by the Plot Developers (Plot Developer also refers to contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers appointed by the Plot Developers, his agents or assigns, to work on the project).

It should be noted that the information contained within these guidelines is contractually binding on the Plot Developers for their work in relation to the whole project.

It should also be noted that the Development Guidelines will evolve over time to address eventualities that were not considered at the time that these guidelines were originally produced. Amendments to these guidelines shall also be considered contractually binding.