Connecting Methods of Electrical Earthing or Grounding



A. Protection against Corrosion:

Protect bolted connections against corrosion either hy filling with vaseline or coating with a special anti-corrosion compound and proper capping (Denso tape / grease caps).



B. Connections:

Earth connections are to be readily accessible. If inaccessible earth connection is permitted, approved exothermic welding or brazing technique is to be employed.

Where earth connections between dissimilar metals must be made, use bimetallic fittings and protect by coating with moisture resisting bituminous paint or compound, or by wrapping with protective tape to exclude moisture.

C. Exothermic-Welded Connections:

Comply with the manufacturer's written instructions. Welds that are puffed up or that show convex surfaces indicating improper cleaning are not acceptable.

D. Tightening  Values:

Tighten screws and bolts for grounding and bonding connectors and terminals according to the manufacturer's published torque-tightening values. If the manufacturer's torque values are not indicated, use those specified in applicable Standards.

E. Connection to Pit Earth Road:

Connection of earthing conductors to Ground pit earth rods, shall utilize multiple connectors as required. More than one cable shall not be connected through one connector clamp unless specifically permitted.