Construction Quality Plan Of Building - Stores Procedures for Site Stores



These procedures are applicable for site stores and shall be implemented along with procedures governing Main Stores and Branch Stores.

1. Responsibilities

The site storekeeper reports to the Branch Stores Department /Main Stores Department through the Project Manager at site.



The responsibilities of the site storekeeper:-

  1. Receipt of goods/materials/equipment delivered to site from Main Stores (Stores Issue Voucher).
  2. Check all items against delivery notes and relevant requisitions issued from the site.
  3. Register all short deliveries/damages in the appropriate checklist forms.
  4. Register the truck number plate and drivers name.
  5. Issue goods received notice on appropriate form and attach copy of checklist.
  6. Report immediately to the Project Manager / Services Engineer.
  7. Update stock records immediately and log each item in the respective pin cards.

2. Receipt of Goods

Receipt of goods/materials/equipment delivered through stock forward arrangement or direct purchase orders from third parties (Stores Receipt Voucher):-

  1. Before starting any receiving process, the service Engineer shall be asked to attend with copy of his order for the materials.
  2. The materials shall be received in the manner detailed in the procurement procedures.  (A copy must be always available in the stores).
  3. Short deliveries / damage shall be reported as detailed in the said procurement procedures.
  4. All documents to be signed by storekeeper and Service Engineer.

Goods delivered without necessary documents:-

  1. If materials/goods/equipment are delivered to site stores without appropriate delivery notes/shipping documents, the following procedure shall be adopted.
  2. The Project Manager shall investigate the reasons leading to goods being delivered without documentation.
  3. If he is fully convinced that there are no irregularities involved he shall delegate a senior member of his staff (Preferably the service Engineer) to attend the taking over of the goods.
  4. This shall be reported immediately to Main Stores /Purchasing Department and Accounts Department.
  5. If the Project Manager is convinced that any irregularities are involved, he shall reject the goods and ask the truck driver to leave his site.  This shall be reported immediately to the finance & Administration Manager through the Manager Contracting Division.

3. Material Storage procedures

  1. Materials shall be stored in a segregated manner to assure convenient and quick identification.
  2. Access shall be maintained to each item / location.
  3. Small item shall be in segregated compartments on shelves.
  4. Bulk item shall be stocked appropriately and as recommended by manufacturers.
  5. All goods shall remain in their original packing till issue to the user.
  6. Chemicals and inflammables shall be stored in the special stores provided for this purpose at site.
  7. Items that are recommended to be stored in a temperate location shall be stored in the air-conditioned store provided at site.
  8. Ventilation must be appropriate in all stores areas.
  9. No items are to be stored in the open yard without the prior written approval of the Project Manager / Engineer.

4. Material Flow Follow-up

The following company documentation shall be available at stores and issued as may be the case:

  1. Store Receipt Voucher:  For goods delivered to site or stores by the third parties (anybody other than JAM Main or Branch stores)
  2. Stores issue Voucher: for goods issued from Main/Branch Stores.
  3. Material Return voucher: For materials returned from site store to Branch / Main Stores
  4. Delivery note:  Materials sent/ Received to/from third parties.
  5. Purchase requisition: From stores to local suppliers.
  6. Non-availability Voucher: From store to site confirming non-availability of materials at site.
  7. Material requisition:  From site to stores for issuing materials.

5. The Project Manager in consultation with service Engineer shall decide the ordering level of each item on the site stock list.

6. The storekeeper shall inform immediately on material non-availability form, the exact position of the stock prior to reaching the ordering level.

7. The Project Manager & Service Engineer shall decide if necessary to replenish stock or not.

8. Ordering procedures shall be immediately initiated if materials are further required.

9. In no circumstances shall stock deteriorate to a level leading to stoppage or slow down of works at site.

10. Issue of Materials at Site

  1. The Engineer shall assess his daily requirements, the day before, and prepare materials issue requisitions to the storekeeper.
  2. The storekeeper shall identify the materials and make them ready for issue to the site next morning.
  3. The receiving person shall sign receipt on the issue Vouchers.
  4. Any materials not used that day shall be returned to stores at the end of each working day.  Under no circumstances materials shall be left overnight at the work – sites.
  5. The storekeeper shall log all issues everyday and check his stock levels accordingly.

11. Tools

  1. Small tools and tool boxes: Each tradesmen (Electrician, Plumber, Fitter, etc) shall have their tool boxes stocked with all the standard tools of their trade.  Any damaged item shall be replaced after presenting the damaged item.  Loss is to be reported to the service Engineer and replacement shall be issued only on his instructions.
  2. Meager tools – (Drills, Grinding – Machines etc):  These shall be listed and kept in the stores and issued and returned signature appended on the Tools Log Book.
  3. The final custody of these tools is the sole responsibility of the Storekeeper.

12. Consumables

Consumables shall be issued only upon receipt of requisition signed by the Service Engineer.  Any abnormal consumption of consumables shall be brought to the notice of the project Manager.

13. Safety & Security

  1. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the stores area, appropriate signs to be provided.
  2. No work whatever shall be carried out inside the stores.
  3. Lights shall be switched on only when needed
  4. Fire extinguishers shall be provided in accessible locations all over the stores area.
  5. When the store is not attended electricity supply shall be switched off and all doors locked.
  6. The storekeeper shall acquaint himself with the company safety procedures and shall attend all toolbox talks conducted at site.