Electrical Grounding or Earthing Conductors in Building Construction



Buried Earth Conductors:

PVC insulated copper strip conductors or PVC insulated stranded copper cables with cross-section min 70 mm2 or as per earthing calculation.

Earthing Conductors:

PVC insulated copper conductor as described in the Specification for the particular application.



Protective Conductors:

Single core stranded annealed copper, PVC insulated cables, having rated insulation grade compatible with circuit protected, or to be a conductor forming part of a multi-core cable, yellow/green colour. All conductor fittings shall be manufactured from high strength copper alloys with phosphor bronze nuts, bolts, washers and screws. Binary brass copper alloys will not be acceptable. All fittings shall be designed for the specific application and shall not be permanently deformed when correctly installed.

Protective Bonding Conductors:

PVC insulated copper strip conductor, annealed stranded copper cable or flexible strap (flexible braid) of cross-sectional area as described in Article "General Requirements" hereof.

Main Earthing Bar:

Tinned, 40 x 4 mm where formed into a closed loop, and 50 x 6 mm where open-ended. Earth bar is to be labeled "Main Earth Bar" and is to be drilled, for connection of conductors, at a spacing not less than 75 mm, and is to be supplied with copper alloy bolts, nuts and washers and wall mounting insulators.

Disconnecting links:

Disconnecting links shall comprise a high conductivity copper PVC insulated link supported on two insulators mounted on a galvanized steel base for bolting to the supporting structure. The two conductors shall be in direct contact with the link and shall not be disturbed by the removal of the link. Links for mounting at ground level shall be mounted on bolts embedded in a concrete base. Disconnecting links mounted at ground level and the connections at the earth rods shall be enclosed in concrete inspection pits, with concrete lids, installed flush with the ground level.