Installation of Audio Intercom System For Building Project



Audio Intercom System being used in high-rise buildings or commercial complexes, provide two way communication from entrances, gates, go-downs, industrial plant rooms and normal doors, to an internal audio handset. It can be used to screen authorized visitors from outside entrance and useful to communicate internally between persons from one room to another room or office spaces. It can also be used to function as effective public announcement system.



Audio Intercom System

The system shall be suitable for 2 way hands free operation. Master station shall be IP-65, industrial type, heavy duty with loud-speakers, horns, power supply and heavy duty splash proof aluminium case with built-in microphone and rubber coated keys.

The master exchange shall have a capacity of at least 16 extensions and shall be complete with power supply module, processor module and required subscriber (extension) modules etc. System shall be PC programmable.

Audio Intercom System Features

System features shall also include:

  1. Group and all call
  2. Direct dialing
  3. Priority
  4. Conference

It shall be possible to contact any station from the control room by interrupting the two way communication in which the station is engaged with any other station.

Master Station of Audio Intercom System

Master station shall be in Control room: Master intercom station at control room shall be of desk top type and with full access to all features in the master exchange. It shall have character alpha numeric display providing caller identification, online help and a directory service amongst other features. It shall be complete with built-in microphone, loud speaker, volume control, indication and handset.

Plant rooms: Industrial master stations to be installed in plant rooms shall be of heavy duty, water and dust proof casing (IP-65), noise cancelling dynamic microphone with microphone live indication, external loudspeaker. Wall mounted type and made of corrosion proof aluminium or aluminium alloy. Splash and dust proof loudspeaker horn made of aluminium and with adjustable mounting bracket. Unit shall have free access to all extensions.