Installation of Structured Cabling For Voice / Data System In Building Construction



The Contractor shall design, supply and install outlet plates, conduits, trunking, trays, wiring, junction boxes, distribution frames, patch panels, data rack, backbone cables, etc. necessary to form a complete structured system for voice and data cabling within the buildings. Cabling / wiring shall be provided for voice system from patch panel location to each voice/data outlet. Draw wires shall be provided in conduits for future data cabling / wiring by others (if applicable). The installation shall comply with the requirements of ANSI / EIA / TIA-568-1991 as appropriate as well as Local Telecom Authority.

Voice and data outlet plates shall be designed to accept industry standard RJ45 plugs.



Structured Wiring for Voice / Data System

The Contractor shall engage a specialist system integrator to carry out the structured wiring for voice / data system. Wiring to individual points shall be 4-pairs UTP Category 6. The wiring shall be terminated at the outlet end and at patch panel. The system integrator shall test and demonstrate on site, to the satisfaction of the engineer and the client, that the wiring is in full compliance with the specific requirements of a Category 6 installation. All wiring shall comply with TIA / EIA TSB-36 and TSB40.

Distribution of Voice / Data System

Distribution shall be through the GI trunking and drop to the outlets through the concealed PVC conduits or purpose-made riser trunking to Dado / Skirting trunking along with appropriate cable basket as shown in the details to the floor boxes. All conductors in each cable should be connected to a single RJ45 socket at the work area outlets and patch panel at the voice / data rack.

Voice / Data Structured Cabling Schematic Diagram
Voice / Data Structured Cabling Schematic Diagram

All user outlets, patch frames and horizontal cables should be labelled, preferably by means of a typewritten labelling system.

Cables shall be labelled at both ends using a self-laminating, wrap around label.

Backbone for Voice / Data System

The backbone will consist of industry standard 6-Core Single mode fibre cable or 6-Core 50/125µm Multi-mode fibre cable for data and multi-pairs Cat-3 poly-gel filled cables for voice. The fibre cable will be terminated at fibre ports in data rack, and the voice backbone cables should be terminated on patch-style strips at the Building Distribution Frame (BDF).

Trunking shall be used for distributing cables above false ceiling. No other services shall be run on tray or in conduit allocated for communications services.

The contractor shall be responsible for providing the complete system to the approval of Local Telecom Authority. The contractor shall liaise with Local Telecom Authority to ensure that cable entry ducts and internal conduits / trunking are approved prior to carrying out the installation work. All materials such as outlet plates, external ducts, manholes, and draw-pits shall be of a size and specification that is approved by Local Telecom Authority.

Electrical installations near telephone DP is strictly not allowed (50 cm minimum clearance should be provided). The contractor shall suitably size the various distribution frames taking into consideration the present requirement and also make provisions for future requirements and the space required to install the active components.

All patch panels to be used shall be of modular type and of 19” 1U and 2U. One cable organizer panel shall be provided for each 1U patch panel.

Cabinets shall be floor mounted of size 25U/36U/42U as appropriate for present and future space requirement.

Cat6 Network Connector Jack on Cable
Cat6 Network Connector Jack on Cable