Lighting Fixtures In Building Projects



The scope of this specification covers the supply and installation of lighting fixtures applicable to internal and external places of a building. Work includes, the collection, handling, installation and commissioning of the fluorescent, incandescent, chandelier, mercury vapour lamp light fixtures.



1. General Requirements For Light Fixtures

  1. All fixtures shall be suitable for 220 V single phase 60 Hz power supply system. They shall be complete with accessories and fixings necessary for installation whether so detailed under fixture description or not.
  2. Fixture housing, frame or canopy shall provide a suitable cover for the fixture outlet box or fixture opening.
  3. Fixtures shall be installed at mounting heights as detailed on the drawings or instructed on site by the consultant.
  4. Fixtures and/or fixture outlet boxes shall be provided with hangers to adequately support the complete weight of the fixtures. Design of hangers and method of fastening other than shown on the drawings or herein specified shall be submitted to consultant for approval.
  5. Pendant fixtures within the same room shall be installed plumb and at a uniform height from the finished floor. Adjustment of height shall be made during installation as per architect’s instructions.
  6. Flush mounted recessed fixtures shall be installed so as to completely eliminate light leakage within the fixture and between the fixture and adjacent finished surface.
  7. Fixture mounted on outlet boxes shall be rigidly secured to a fixture stud in the outlet box. Extension pieces shall be installed where required to facilitates proper installation.
  8. Fixture shall be completely wired and constructed to comply with the “Regulations” and “Standards” for electric lighting fixtures, unless otherwise specified. Fixtures shall bear manufacturer’s name and the factory inspection label unless otherwise approved.
  9. Wiring within the fixture and for connection to the branch circuit wiring shall be not less than 1.5 sq. mm or equivalent for 250 V application. Insulation shall be silicon rubber for the lower temperature (fluorescent fixtures) and impregnated asbestos for the higher temperatures (incandescent fixtures).
  10. Metal used in lighting fixtures shall be not less than 22 AWG or heavier if so required to comply with the specification or “Standard”. Sheet steel reflectors shall have a thickness of not less than 20 AWG. The metal parts of the fixture shall be completely free from burrs and tool marks. Solder shall not be used as a mechanical fastening device on any part of the fixture.
  11. Ferrous metal shall be bonded and given a corrosion resistant phosphate treatment or other approved rust inhibiting prime coat to provide a rust proof base before application of finish.
  12. Non reflecting surfaces such as fixture frame and trims shall be finished in a baked enamel paint. The colour of the paint shall be directed later by the architect on site.
  13. Light reflecting surface shall be finished in a baked white enamel having a reflection factor of not less than 80%. All parts of reflector shall be completely covered by finish and free from irregularities. After finish has been applied and cured, it shall be capable of withstanding a 6 mm radius bend without showing signs of cracking, peeling or loosening from the base metal. Finish shall be capable of withstanding 72 hours exposure to an ultra violet sun lamp placed 10 cm from the surface without discolouration, hardening or warping, and retain the same reflection factor after exposure.
  14. Fixture with visible frames shall have concealed hinges and catches. Pendent fixtures and lamp holders shall be provided with ball type aligner or similar approved means. Recessed fixtures shall be constructed so as to fit into an acoustic tile ceiling or plaster ceiling without distorting either the fixture or the ceiling. Plaster rings shall be provided for plaster ceilings. Fixtures with hinged diffuser doors shall be provided with spring clips or other retaining devices to prevent the diffuser from moving.
  15. Detailed catalogue cuts for all fixtures or, if so required by the architect, sample fixtures shall be submitted for approval to the architect before orders for the fixtures are placed. Shop drawings for non standard fixtures types shall be submitted for approval to the architect.
  16. Recessed fixtures shall be constructed so that all components are replaceable without removing housing from the ceiling.
  17. Lamp shall be furnished and installed in all lighting fixtures furnished under this contract shall be suitable for the required fixture and voltage characteristics.
  18. Lamp used for temporary lighting services shall not be used in the final lamping of the fixture units.
  19. Lamps shall be of wattage and types as shown on the drawings.
  20. Lamps for permanent installation shall not be placed in the fixtures until so directed by the employer and consultant this shall be accomplished directed before the building portions are ready for occupancy by the employer.

2. Fluorescent Luminaires

Flourescent Lighting Fixture

  1. The luminaire shall be suitable for single or twin 4' 40W alternatively 36 W fluorescent tube as specified. The luminaire shall be complete with low loss heavy duty ballast(s), starter(s) and power factor improvement capacitor.
  2. Fluorescent luminaires shall be decorative, commercial or industrial type as specified. In case of industrial type, stove/vitreous enamelled reflector shall be provided wherever specified.
  3. In case of decorative luminaire, Opal Acrylic diffuser/ square polystyrene/vertical metal louvers shall be provided as specified.
  4. The luminaire shall be surface or recessed mounted as indicated in the drawing.
  5. Single/twin tube luminaires for Offices/Commercial areas shall be decorative recessed mounting type with specially designed aluminium bright anodized reflectors. The luminaire shall have a bat wing wide spread distribution light and high optical efficiency. The reflector shall have Matt anodized cross louvers to minimize glare.
  6. Only single and/or two lamp ballast shall be used in any one fixture. Ballast shall be completely enclosed inside sheet steel casing, and shall have a corrosion resistant finish. Ballast shall contain a thermosetting type compound not subject to softening or liquefying under any operating conditions or upon ballast failure. Under no condition shall the thermal device permit the enclosure temperature of the ballast to exceed 90 deg. C. Compound shall not support combustion.
  7. All ballast shall be high power factor, compensated to above 0.9 pf. Ballast shall have manufacturer’s lowest case temperature rise rating. Sound rating shall not exceed category as measured by the American “Horn Test” method. Ballast shall be for operation at the voltages and frequencies indicated under fixture types and/or on the drawings, and under temperature conditions prevailing in the various locations of the premises.
  8. All fluorescent fixtures shall be provided with white lamp holders. Industrial type fluorescent fixtures shall have turret type lamp holders.
  9. Surface mounted fixtures longer than two feet shall have one additional point of support besides the outlet box fixture stud when installed individually. Pendent individually mounted fixtures four feet long and small shall be provided with twin stem hangers. Items shall have ball aligners or similar device and provision for a minimum of one inch vertical adjustment.
  10. Items shall be of appropriate length to suspend fixtures are required mounting height.
  11. Lamps shall be rapid or trigger start. Lamps shall have bi-pin base and a minimum approximate rated life of 20,000 hours. Color spectrum of light shall be equivalent to “Philips Warm White” lamp start shall suit the lamp.

3. Incandescent Lamp Luminaires

  1. The lighting for GLS lamps shall be of the surface mounting or recessed type as indicated in specific areas. They shall be decorative or commercial or industrial type as specified in BOQ drawings.
  2. All incandescent lamp fitting shall be approved by the authorities before supplying and installing.
  3. Each luminaire shall be complete with body, lamp holder, terminals and GLS lamp of specified wattage.

4. Wall Mounted Luminaire

  1. The luminaire shall be designed for high pressure mercury vapor lamp. Capacity as indicated on drawings and for external installation (water proofing type).
  2. Ballast shall be of high power factor, class H insulation, 60 Hz UL listed suitable for wet and outdoor installation.
  3. Construction shall be of rugged, die cast aluminium housing. All external hardware is stainless steel sealed and gasketed to prevent entrance of contaminants.
  4. Optics shall be coilzak aluminium reflector, with prismatic diffuser.
  5. Luminaire shall be approved lighting co. make.

5. Compound Wall Top Mounted Luminaire

  1. Luminaire shall be designed for high pressure mercury vapor lamp, of 80 W capacity and for external installation.
  2. The base support shall be in die cast aluminium with an attached interior support assembly. Cover bowls shall be clear anti vandal polycarbonate and top canopies in spun aluminium secured by nylon screw capacity.
  3. The luminaire shall be post top mounting.
  4. The luminaire shall be approved lighting co. make.

6. Floodlight Luminaires

6.1 Halogen Lamp Luminaires

Floodlight shall be suitable for 500 or 1000 W halogen Lamps :

Flood light luminaires shall be of Die Cast Aluminium Alloy totally weather proof and complete with MS. Galvanized fixing bracket, cast aluminium alloy terminal box with bright anodized aluminium reflector and front and heat resistant toughened glass with gasket of synthetic material.

6.2 MV & SV Lamp Luminaires

Floodlight suitable for 250/400 MV; 150/250/400 WSV shall have cast aluminium alloy holder housing with focusing and the lamp centering arrangement. The reflector shall be spun from thick aluminium sheet and bright anodized.  It shall be possible to re-lamp without disturbing the aiming angle. A sturdy base and cradle shall be provided with protector scale for an easy aiming. Weatherproof Control Gear Box of 18 G Sheet steel pretreated and painted shall accommodate all pre-wired accessories like blast(s), capacitor(s), ignitor (for HPSV lamps only), etc.

7. Highbay Luminaires

Ballast housing and top canopy shall be of cast aluminium alloy with bottom spot aluminium anodized reflector or vitreous enameled reflector. Suspension shall be through eye belt such that the ballast housing and the reflector remain vertical during maintenance. The luminaire shall be completely pre-wired with heavy duty taped copper wires ballast, ignitor (for HPSV lamps only), capacitor and E 40 porcelain lamp holder.

8. Garden and Driveway Lighting Luminaires

  1. The garden and driveway lighting luminaires shall be suitable for mounting on GI poles of 2 M to 3 M height.  The fittings shall be waterproof, robust and shall have components which are not easily corroded and the same should be got approved from the Owners.
  2. The connectors shall be easily accessible and suitable for a minimum 2 X 4 sq. mm PVC aluminium conductor cables.
  3. The appearance with the reflector/shade shall be pleasing and aesthetic, approved by the Owner.
  4. The fittings shall be suitable for mounting GLS lamps/ MLL blended lamps/80W/125W/HPMW/70W HPSV.

9. Street Light Luminaires for HPSV/HPMV Lamps

The luminaires shall be of 1 piece construction, cast aluminium alloy with bottom clear acrylic, 2 auxiliary anodized aluminium reflectors shall be provided to provide wide spread lighting. The luminaire shall be completely wired with heavy duty taped ballast, capacitor, external ignitor(for HPSV lamps). Reflectors shall be adjustable to achieve cut-off/semi cut-off type of light distribution and lamp holder shall be adjustable for toe-in angle adjustments. The acrylic cover shall be hinged for maintenance / re-lamping and shall not have any holes for hinging. 5 Nos. stainless steel toggles shall be provided to clamp the acrylic cover to the lamp housing.

10. Street Light Luminaires for Fluorescent Tubes

Canopy shall be sheet aluminium with bottom clear ribbed acrylic and framed and can be hinged for maintenance. All accessories shall be pre-wired on a hinged sheet steel tray.

11. Applicable Standards

The following Indian Standards (IS/BIS) shall be applicable. The list shown here may be outdated hence the manufacturer to make sure they use the latest or superseded BIS standards.

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