Master Antenna TV System (MATV) In Electrical Construction Works



Master Antenna Television or MATV means many TV connection outlets from one Master antenna control system. Usually high-rise apartment houses, hotels, schools and cluster based residential area utilizes this kind of TV distribution network. It may or may not include FM radio so that one outlet can receive both TV and FM reception. The scope of this section covers the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Master Antenna TV System, for the reception and distribution of television broadcast signals.



Master Antenna TV System (MATV System)

The system shall comprise the reception and distribution of VHF Broadcast signals through one Master Head Antenna through suitable cable network, to each individual outlet. The equipment shall be: Master Antenna, Master Head Antenna Pre-Amplifier (if required), Broad Band (VHF-UHF) Amplifier/Mixer, Splitters and Directional Coupler, Wall Connectors/Terminations of Antenna Cables and Interconnecting low-loss MATV co-axial cables. To achieve good quality reception, MATV system must be planned, designed and installed through high quality materials and equipments along with appropriate technologies.

1. Master Antenna in MATV System

The Master Antenna shall be YAGI type or similar with number of elements as required as per site location and Transmitter Power. The antenna shall be fixed on to the highest point of the building and shall be orientated for reception of maximum signal level. Construction of Master antenna shall be Outdoor type, weather protected, YAGI or equivalent type, frequency should be either VHF or UHF as required, and impedance to be 75 ohms.

2. Antenna Pre-Amplifier (Optional in MATV System)

The Master Pre-Amplifier shall be mounted on the Antenna Master. The Master Pre-Amplifier shall be of low noise, offering a gain of 15-25 dB or as required to boost the incoming signal to feed free signals to the main amplifier. Its construction shall be outdoor, totally enclosed type, frequency to be 40 MHz to 230 MHz/ 470-890 MHz, Input Impedance shall be 75 ohms, output Impedance shall be 75 ohms, gain should be between 15-25 dB, noise figures of 3 dB or similar, operating temp between -10 Degree C to 45 Degree C and electrical power supply should be 230 V, 50 HZ, AC.

3. Broad Band Amplifier / Mixer for MATV System

The Board Band Amplifier / Mixer shall be suitable for amplification of VHF / UHF signal strength sufficiently, to enable further distribution. The gain shall be adjustable over 40 dB, so that distribution voltage can be adjusted for week signals as well as for strong signals. The amplifier shall have high noise rejection characteristics. The amplifier / mixer shall have common output with two separate inputs for VHF and UHF signals. Construction of broad band amplifier / mixer shall be indoor type, aluminium housing, input frequency should be separately given for both VHF and UHF, output to be single common, frequency bandwidth for VHF 40-230 MHz and UHF 470-860 MHz. Signal gain shall be 35 dB (VHF)  and 40 dB (UHF), input Impedance to be 75 ohms, output impedance to 75 ohms, noise level shall be 3 dB for VHF and 4 dB UHF; operating temp to be -10 Degree C to 45 Degree C

4. Splitters for MATV System

The splitters in Master Antenna System shall be for 2 way and 4 way output as required. The incoming signal shall be split into 2 or 4 equal signal outputs. The attenuation and mismatch shall be minimum. Construction of Splitters for MATV System to be indoor, totally enclosed type. It shall have 2/4 ways, 4/8 dB VHF insertion loss, 75 ohms impedance and F type cable termination.

5. Directional Couplers for MATV System

Directional couplers to be constructed suitable for indoor type, totally enclosed. No. of outputs to be 1/2, less than 3 dB insertion loss, 75 ohms input impedance, 75 ohms, output impedance, branch loss to be 12 dB for VHF and 14 dB for UHF and F type cable termination.

6. Wall Connectors of MATV System

The wall connectors shall be suitable for termination of TV Antenna co-axial plug-connectors, in positions shown in drawings. The outlets shall be recessed in walls, with the connectors fixed onto acrylic sheets.

7. MATV Cables

The main distribution cable network shall be RG-11 A/U type shielded TV cable, with an impedance of 75 ohms. The sub distribution cable network shall be RG 59 type shielded TV cable, with an impedance of 75 ohms. Alternatively, the entire cable network may be of 502 V coaxial cable with an impedance of 75 ohms.



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