Medium Voltage Distribution System In Electrical Construction



The work included within this section is for the supply, connection, testing and commissioning of 13.8 KV switch gears, cables, package sub station and all the related accessories necessary for the proper operation of the system as shown and described on drawings, bill of quantity and herein.

The contractor shall coordinate with the other services (trades) involved in the project to insure that the foundation, are suitable for the equipment to be installed.



Applicable Codes And Standards for Medium Voltage Distribution System Installation Work

The following codes and standards are intended to provide an acceptable level of quality for materials and products. The contractor may propose alternative codes and standards provided they give an equivalent degree of quality as the referenced codes and standards and are submitted for review and approval of the engineer in charge in advance of their use. Compliance with any of the following codes shall be acceptable:

  1. NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association.
  2. NEC - National Electrical Code.
  3. IEC - Institute of Electro-technical Committee.

Site and Service Conditions for Medium Voltage Distribution System

The site design ambient conditions are as follows:

  1. Ambient temperature 55 deg. C.
  2. Relative humidity 100%
  3. Altitude 1000 m above sea level.

Shop Drawing and Equipment Data for Medium Voltage Distribution System

The contractor’s shop/construction drawings for this part of the specification shall include but not necessarily be limited to the following: Dimensioned constructional and installation details for step-down transformers, switch gears, including foundation details, trenches, sleeves, concrete pads, etc.

The equipment data to be provided by the contractor prior to ordering any material covered under this section shall include but not limited to the following: Complete literature on all equipment such as HV switch gears, transformers, LV switch gears, etc.

Submittal for Medium Voltage Distribution System

The contractor shall submit complete and detailed manufacturers shop drawings showing the followings:

  1. Main overall dimensions.
  2. Fixing dimensions.
  3. Arrangements of the individual components and electrical connections.
  4. Weight.
  5. Type of finish.
  6. Fixing details.

The contractor shall submit manufacturer’s leaflets showing photographs of the equipment and master equipment list.

The contractor shall submit detailed operation and maintenance manuals.