Method of Earthing or Grounding Of MDB, Panel Boards, Lighting And Wiring Installations



Method of Earthing To Main Distribution Board (MDB)

Main earthing bar is to be provided in main distribution room and connected to earth electrode by 2 insulated conductors (minimum 150 mm2) via testing joints. Earthing bars of main distribution boards are to be connected, by insulated earthing conductor, directly to main earthing bar at main distribution room.



Method of Earthing to Sub-Distribution Boards (SDB, LDB, PDB)

Distribution, lighting and power panelboards are to be connected by protective conductors run together with incoming feeder cable, connecting earth terminals in panelboards with respective main distribution board earthing bar.

Method of Earthing to Lighting and Power Outlet Wiring

Socket outlets are to be earthed by protective conductor looped around with the branch circuit and connected to earth terminal within socket outlet box and to which socket outlet terminal is to be connected.

Method of Earthing to Final Ring Sub-circuits

Protective conductor of every final ring sub-circuit is to be in the form of a ring having both ends connected to earth terminal at origin of circuit in panel board.

Method of Earthing to Electric Loads and End Units

Lighting fixtures and other exposed conductive parts of electrical installations, such as switches, heaters, air conditioning units etc. are to be connected by protective earth conductors to earthing terminals of respective panel boards.