Security and Access Control Systems (SACS) for Critical Security Areas

Special areas like Airports, Port Trusts, Naval Base, Military base, Telecom buildings, Refinery, Petroleum handling areas etc. needed highly sophisticated security and access control system. It provides safety and security for both men and equipment the area handling. Here is the specification and installation methods for SACS.

It is recommended to provide Security and Access Control System (SACS) for Technical rooms, Server Center, Teleco Pops, Electrical rooms and other critical security areas. The Security and Access Control System SACS is consisting of a Server, SACS Workstation, an operating system and application software, and field-installed Controllers.

Controllers shall be connected to the structured cabling network on a separate VLAN dedicated for security and access control system. The security access system shall have the following Systems and equipment:

  1. Access Control System: Regulating access through doors, Anti-pass back, Visitor assignment, Time and attendance, Surge and tamper protection, Secondary alarm annunciator, Credential cards and readers, Push-button switches, RS-232 ASCII interface, Monitoring of field-installed devices and Reporting.
  2. Security System: Time and attendance, and Video and camera control.

The SACS provides the machine/human interface between the Security Staff and the Security equipment sub-systems.

The SACS will comprise intelligent controllers, electronic door hardware and monitoring systems. The SACS monitors all nominated doors and the control of access through a door by validation of the access cards. The SACS connectivity is provided by a VLAN on the Facility LAN and will be provided by the Telecommunication Contractor. The SACS will connect to the SACS main server and to other nominated workstations via the provided LAN.

The system shall be a modular and networkable access control system capable of access control of selected doors, alarm monitoring. The system control at the host workstation location shall be under a single software program control and shall provide full integration of all components, and shall be alterable at any time, depending upon the facility requirements. Reconfiguration shall be accomplished on-line through system programming, without hardware changes.

The system will be connected to the server/ SACS workstation. The connections will be via the Facility LAN and coordination of the data ports required by the SACS will be between the SACS contractor and the IP Infrastructure Contractor under Telecommunication package.

SACS area

Expansion Capability: Increase number of system components in the future by 25 percent above those indicated without adding any internal or external components.

All labor, equipment and material necessary to provide and install a complete and fully operational card access system, as indicated.

All Security Doors will be interfaced to Fire Alarm system through Control module, in order to release the lock in case of fire.

All labor, equipment and material necessary to provide and install a complete and fully operational card access system, as indicated.

Workstations and controllers shall be fed from facility UPS system.