Technical Submittals of Electrical Earthing / Grounding Prior Installation



Earthing / Grounding work has to comply with the requirements of General and Technical Conditions of the Project including statutory obligations and regulations. Submittals to be approved by project consultant prior execution of the actual work. Regulations and rules of supply authority also to be considered when preparing the submittals for the local in which installation is being constructed.



Earthing Material Product Data

Prior to ordering materials, submit data for approval including, but not limited to, manufacturer’s catalogs for each type of product indicated including the following:

  1. Ground rods
  2. Connecting clamps
  3. Earthing conductors, protective conductors, and bonding conductors
  4. Connectors and other accessories
  5. Exothermic welding kits and tools

Qualification Data

For firms and persons specified in "Quality Assurance" Article.

Field Test Reports

Submit certified, numbered, written test reports to include the following:

  1. Test procedures used and test conditions.
  2. Test results that comply with requirements.
  3. Results of failed tests and corrective action taken to achieve test results that comply with requirements.

Shop Drawing and Construction Drawings for Earthing / Grounding

Submit Shop Drawings for approval including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Overall earthing schematic drawings indicating cross sectional area of all earthing, protective and bonding conductors.
  2. Overall earthing layout indicating earthing provisions at substations, generator rooms, switchgear, distribution panel boards etc.
  3. Identify fittings used, insulation, plates and marking, passage and routing of earthing conductors, conduit, sleeves, grooves, niches etc.
  4. Give sizes and dimensions of component parts, and exact location of earth pits, rods and details of installation and connections
  5. Show exact routing of buried earthing conductors with indication of cross-section, depth of laying and covering.


Submit the following:

  1. Scaled Drawings, As-built, showing actual layout and specification of all components of earthing system, in accordance with requirements of the Specification.
  2. Nature of soil and any special earth arrangements etc.
  3. Date and particulars of soil conditioning method and agents if used.

Samples of Earthing / Grounding Materials

Submit samples of conductors and other materials, as requested.

Earthing Design Calculations

Final earthing design calculations for approval, clearly indicating expected maximum earth fault levels and suitable conductor sizes, before implementation.