Typical Mounting Details Of Fire Alarm Break Glass Manual Call Point



These drawings show how to install Fire Alarm Break Glass (BG) or Manual Call Point (MCP) on walls. It has to be mounted on back box installed in the wall. This box (embedded or exposed as specified in the concerned section of the specification) has to be connected through GI / PVC conduit that will have the Firetuff or equivalent cable to be looped for other detectors. Conduit end to be taken out of the wall above false ceiling to allow the Firetuff cable to be clipped on soffit of the slab.

Drawing below shows how to install Manual call point break glass along with a sounder

In this typical drawing, manual call point break glass unit has been shown as concealed  and the rest  are surface installed in the false ceiling. Sounder has been mounted on ceiling but can also be mounted on wall visibly as per the project specification.



Typical Specification for Fire Alarm break Glass Manual call Point Assembly

The addressable manual call points shall monitor and signal to the panels the status of a switch operated by a 'break glass' assembly. They shall be capable of operating by means of thumb pressure and shall not require a hammer. They shall incorporate a mechanism to interrupt the normal Ancillary Equipment  addressable loop scan to provide an alarm response in less than 1 second. They shall be field programmable to trigger either an alert or an evacuate response from the panel. The addressable call points shall be capable of being tested using a special 'key' without the need for shattering the glass. They shall provide an integral red LED to indicate activation.

Typical Mounting Details for Fire Alarm Break Glass or Manual Call Station
Typical Mounting Details for Fire Alarm Break Glass or Manual Call Station

Fire Alarm contact shall generally be of the break glass flush or recessed pattern with instruction plates finished red, and an adjacent implement for breaking the glass.