Construction Control Guidelines for Existing Services



The extent, position, size and type of utilities shown on the Drawings issued to the Plot Developer have been based on information extracted from the records of the various public utilities, service providers, Ministries and the Project survey and must be regarded as approximate only.



Any information provided by the consultants as to the locations of services is believed to be correct but no warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of that information.

The Plot Developer shall contact the relevant government and/or semi-government and/or private utility authorities to determine the exact location of the services which may affect or be affected by the Plot Developer's works.

All drains, pipes and cables, whether above or below ground, that are encountered during the course of the work shall be left in position and be carefully supported and guarded by the Plot Developer to the satisfaction of all Clients and proper authorities so that such drains, pipes and cables may continue in use until completion of the Works or until no longer required. Developers must have all design and construction NOC posted or in a binder at the site; The Master Developer's Project Manager has the right to review these documents at any time.

During construction the Plot Developer shall provide all protection for existing utilities and services as may be required for his construction operations to the approval of the utilities and service owners.

The Plot Developer shall protect existing or new utilities and services when considered necessary and as directed by the Master Developers Consultants. The Plot Developer shall be responsible for bracing and supporting utilities and services to prevent settlement, displacement or damage to the same.

The Plot Developer shall make his own arrangements for any diversion or removal of existing services which he may require for his own convenience or because of his proposed method of working and shall in all cases inform the Consultant and the Master Developer's Project Manager in advance of his proposals.

The Plot Developer shall recover, remove or abandon redundant utility and service lines as required by the Drawings and Specification and/or as directed by the Consultants and/or the Master Developer's Project Manager. Related "As Built" records are to be established.