Construction Control Guidelines for Plot Access in Site Logistics



Prior to the commencement of construction on the Plot, any access or visitation to the Plot is restricted. Anyone requiring access and/or a visit to the Plot shall submit a request and obtain permission from the Master Developer's Project Manager. Any such permission will require a minimum of 24 hours notice period from the submission of the request.



The Master Developer's Project Manager shall provide and maintain an access road only from the site main entry point to areas where infrastructure works are ongoing.

The Plot Developer shall submit a Site Access Plan for the approval of Master Developer's Project Manager.

The Plan shall provide details of access to the plot, including entry/exit points and access roads.

The Plot Developer shall keep all roads clear of obstructions and minimize the amount of debris carried into or out of the site. The Plot Developer shall clean any dirt or debris associated with their works, from public areas on a daily basis or as necessary. The Plot Developer shall be responsible for the repair of any damage to the public areas or infrastructure caused by activities related to their works.

If the Plot Developer does not comply with the rules noted herein or does not comply with express instructions from the Master Developer, his Representatives or Assigns, the Master Developer's Project Manager shall arrange to have the corrective work performed on the Plot Developer's behalf and account.

If the Damage Deposit becomes expended prior to the completion of the Plot Developer's works being complete, the Plot Developer is to post further deposits as required prior to being allowed access on site.

Prior to proceeding with any site works the Plot Developer shall pay a refundable DAMAGE DEPOSIT to appointed third party organization. The form of the deposit may be cash, certified cheque, bond or Bank Guarantee without expiry dates. In the event that the Plot Developer's Contractor, Subcontractor, Agents or Assigns damage or inadequately maintain any property belonging to Owner, Private or Public Utilities, the damage deposit shall be used to cover repair or unscheduled maintenance of the property.

The damage deposit shall be estimated at 1% of the construction cost, but will be a minimum decided by the owner as per development plot. This deposit must be topped up if and whenever the amount drops to 50% and below with the Contra-charges.

Any required temporary access roads to the plot site; site office or laydown areas shall be constructed and maintained by the Plot Developer. Approval for such roads may or may not be granted at the Master Developer's Project Manager's discretion.

Access to the plot site shall be through a minimum of two access points, in addition to access to the site offices.

Access shall be through designated access roads and entry/exit gates only.

The Plot Developer shall install manual control barricades.

The Plot Developer shall provide and maintain at least one temporary or permanent access to each working elevation, which is to be permanently occupied.

The Plot Developer will take into consideration the following in developing his Site Access Plan:

  1. The relevant Master Development Site Layout Plan and Phasing Plan.
  2. The conditions of the area surrounding the project site.
  3. Construction and public vehicular traffic flows.
  4. The minimization of potential impact on residences, businesses and adjacent Plot Developer construction activities.
  5. Existing utilities (where relevant).

The Plot Developer shall not utilize any roads for storage of plant, materials, or tools, except for short-term storage for immediate use.

Any such activities implied by above must be coordinated with the Master Developers Project Manager at least 24 hours in advance of the activity occurring. The Master Developers Project Manager will require information regarding:

  1. The type of activity. Duration of the activity.
  2. Proposed time of day for the activity.
  3. Type of traffic control required.
  4. Safety precautions to be employed, including barricading, signage, equipment to be used, personnel to be employed, etc.

Each Plot Developer will be required to repair any damage directly or indirectly attributable to his work.

If the repair works are not proceeding in a fashion acceptable to the Master Developer, his representatives, agents or assigns, the Master Developer will perform the corrective work on behalf of the offending Developer and deducted from the Plot Developer's damage deposit.

Master Developer or Master Developer's Project Manager has the right to enter any Plot Developer's site at any time to review the work and the work practices of the Plot Developer. If any unsafe practices or unsafe conditions/personnel are evident, the Master Developer or the Master Developer's Project Manager has the right to stop the work and/or to remove unsafe personnel from the site.

Even though Plot access is granted to the Plot Developer by the Master Developer, ownership of the Plot remains that of the Master Developer until such time as the Plot Developer has totally constructed his facility / building and said building is accepted by the Master Developer.