Construction Control Guidelines for Plot Security in Site Logistics



Master Developer will provide site security at designated access points only. The intent of the security at access points will be to control vehicular traffic only. Additionally, several mobile security forces will travel the site on a regular basis, 24 hours a day.



Regarding the security on individual plots, the Plot Developers shall submit for approval a Plot Site Security Plan giving consideration to the following requirements:

  1. The Plot Developer shall maintain security hoarding at the perimeter of his Plot.
  2. The Plot Developers shall familiarize himself with and comply with the provisions of the Site Wide Security Plan included as a section within the Master Developer's Project Manager's Logistic Plan.
  3. The Plot Developer shall maintain 24-hour security within the Plot Developer's site area.

The Plot Developer shall be responsible for the maintenance of the site security plan for his land plot throughout the project to support different phasing requirements.

The Plot Developer shall make necessary arrangements to secure his property, materials, installations, vehicles, etc., within the Site. Any loss or damage to materials and/or installed works shall be the responsibility of the plot developer.

The Plot Developer shall provide the following with regard to the security services on site:

  1. Provide complete monitoring and control over the entry and/or exit of all plant, materials and personnel
  2. Provide patrols of the Site and perimeter to ensure compliance with general safety and security requirements as prescribed under the general conditions of particular contracts and dictated by good common practice.
  3. Provide a manned, twenty-four hour emergency information desk with personnel fluent in both English and local language.
  4. Obtain collate, receive authorizations, and passes and monitor and inspect all personnel, plant, and materials associated with the works.
  5. Prevent entry of unauthorized personnel, plant, vehicles, materials and equipment to the site.
  6. Supply, install, program, maintain and operate all telephone and wireless radio communication system as necessary.
  7. Supply, install, maintain and operate all security and gate offices, any additional personnel, gates, vehicles, equipment, machinery, etc. necessary to manage, administer and execute the security works during the duration.
  8. Security kiosks shall be located inside the plot in such a way inspection to vehicles entering the plot does not disrupt the main access road and vehicles do not encroach on those roads.