Construction Control Guidelines for Signboards in Site Logistics



The Plot Developer shall submit for approval any proposed signboard complete with details and specifications. The submission must include colour drawings of the signboard and provide illumination details. Sign board size, height, layout and details shall be as per the images shown in project documentation.



The design, size, construction and location of the signboard shall be subject to the approval of the Project Manager and all costs in connection therewith shall be borne by the Plot Developer.

The Plot Developer shall provide evidence that the signboard has been designed and checked by a professional consultant who is licensed by Authority.

All project signboards shall be located within the Plot Developer's boundaries.

The Plot Developer shall keep clean and maintain all signboards for the duration of the project. The Plot Developer may be requested to relocate signboards during the execution period of the project without prior notice and at no cost to the master developer.

The Plot Developer shall remove the signboards along with all foundations on completion of Works.

The Plot Developer shall ensure a continuous power supply to the illuminated signboard and pay for all power consumption costs.

Each floor on each elevation of the buildings greater than 3 storeys shall be numbered with characters no less than 800mm in height.