Construction Control Guidelines for Site Offices And Temporary Facilities in Site Logistics



The Plot Developer shall submit for approval a Site Layout Plan showing the proposed layout of all temporary facilities. The plan shall provide details of location and size of all temporary facilities including site offices, plant, temporary utilities, sanitary facilities, materials storage areas, fabrication / assembly yards and access routes.



Installation must include:

Relocation of temporary facilities, utilities and controls: Each Plot Developer shall be responsible for the relocation as may be required by ongoing construction and for the eventual removal of the temporary facilities installed by him, as required, at no additional cost.

Removal of temporary facilities, utilities and controls: Temporary facilities shall be maintained as long as needed for the safe and proper execution of the work. Unless otherwise indicated, the Plot Developer shall remove all such temporary facilities, utilities and controls as soon as possible after the completion of the permanent work or as directed by the Master Developer's Project Manager.

No use of other plots for temporary facilities will be permitted unless prior approval is obtained from the other plot owner and only after obtaining the consent of the Master Developers Project Manager. In the event that the Plot is owned by Master owner, rent (to be determined on a case by case basis) will be applicable.

Should a change in the location of any temporary facility herein specified become necessary in order to progress the work properly, each Plot Developer charged with the responsibility for such work shall remove and relocate such items as directed without additional cost to the Client. The decision of the Master Developer's Project Manager in this regard is final.

The Plot Developer shall provide and maintain all temporary facilities in strict accordance with all governing rules, regulations, codes, ordinances and laws of agencies and utility companies, and authorities having jurisdiction over work involved in the project.

Each Plot Developer installing his temporary works shall provide and be responsible for all his temporary work provided, and at his own cost, obtain necessary permits and inspections for such work from authorities having jurisdiction.

The Plot Developer will be responsible for the supply, installation, maintenance, operation and de-commissioning of all services for his site offices and temporary facilities. All permits, fees, charges and monthly bills for water, electricity, telephone, internet and other services shall be borne by the Plot Developer. Each Plot Developer's site office shall be maintained until final acceptance of his respective works.

The Plot Developer shall not establish labour camp on the plot and shall not permit workers to accommodate or dwell in the plot.