Construction Control Guidelines for Storage Facilities in Site Logistics



The Plot Developer shall, as part of his Site Layout Plan submission, provide details of required lay-down, storage, and staging requirements. The Plot Developer shall note that no additional storage will be available beyond the work area.



The Plot Developer shall coordinate with Master owner regarding the use of offsite storage facilities. The Plot Developer to provide notice and details of any hazardous materials that they propose to deliver to site or store on site and gain approval from the Master Developer.

The Plot Developer shall determine and publish maximum loading restrictions, if appropriate. Materials stored by each Plot Developer on site shall be properly secured and adequately protected. Materials should not present any hazard to construction labour, equipment or traffic, or to public traffic.

Storage areas will be as agreed with the Master Developer's Project Manager. Materials stored on upper floors must be adequately secured at all times.

There will be limited storage space available at the Site. The Plot Developer shall arrange for off-site storage and schedule deliveries of the materials on an as-needed basis. The mode, routing and time of delivery of materials shall be reviewed with the Master Developer's Project Manager, prior to actual deliveries. The Plot Developer shall be responsible for current knowledge of the Site Wide Logistics Plan.

NOTE: The logistics plan WILL be modified on a regular basis by the Master Developer's Project Manager.

Secure storage rooms shall be constructed by the Plot Developer for storage of any materials that are required to be stored in a secured environment.

The Plot Developer shall use extreme care in the transportation and handling of materials to and within the Site. The materials shall be transported in a manner that does not hinder the progress of other Plot Developers. Inconvenience to any occupied buildings must be avoided.

The Plot Developer shall be responsible to secure and tie down materials susceptible to be blown off by wind.