Construction Control Guidelines: How Plot Developers Perform Construction Survey



The Plot Developer shall verify all measurements and be responsible for their correctness. The datum will be to as per local authority. Regardless of the availability of any survey markers on the Site, the Plot Developer shall be responsible to perform his own survey and establish survey markers and/or verify the authenticity and accuracy of the existing survey markers.



The Plot Developer shall establish a number of permanent setting out stations from which works shall be set out. The details of the survey performed by the Plot Developer shall be submitted to the Master Developer's Project Manager for review and approval.

The Plot Developer shall protect, preserve and be responsible for all existing bench marks, pegs and boundary markers and shall maintain or replace them when necessary or as directed by the Master Developer's Project Manager, either in their original positions or in other approved positions.

The Plot Developer's survey crew shall co-operate with Project owner's survey personnel and/or those designated by the Master Developer's Project Manager.

The Plot Developer shall be responsible for the true and proper setting out of the work in relation to original points, lines and levels of references given in the Drawings and for the accuracy of the positions, levels, dimensions and alignment of all parts of the work, and for any delay or loss resulting from errors made in completing the setting out of the work.

The Plot Developer shall be deemed to have inspected and examined the site and its surroundings and any information available in connection therewith and to have informed himself and fully satisfied himself as to the form and nature thereof, including the subsurface conditions, the hydrological and climatic conditions, the means and access to the site and, in general, shall be deemed to have obtained all necessary information, subject as above mentioned, as to risks, contingencies and all other circumstances which may influence or affect his works.