Construction Quality Plan Of Building - Procurement Procedure



The discipline Engineer ensures that the Client Engineer’s approval has been obtained on the appropriate submittal form. The discipline Engineer shall check carefully that offered materials / Equipment are complying with the approved materials / Equipment as to makes, types, part Nos. and specs.



The discipline Engineer shall prepare the necessary purchase order complying to the relevant company procedures:-

  1. The purchase order shall clearly state itemized descriptions, part numbers, units, quantities, unit rates and corresponding amounts.
  2. The purchase order shall state the delivery schedule, which must be in compliance with the work program.
  3. The purchase order shall state the method and terms of payment.
  4. The purchase order must ensure that the materials/Equipment are appropriately insured either by an inherent clause obliging the supplier to do so or by clearly stating that insurance is to be arranged by Purchasing Department.

The discipline Engineer shall monitor the suppliers to make sure that the materials/equipment are being processed for timely delivery.
Inspection of materials/equipment on delivery to site as below:

  1. Quantities to be verified jointly by the storekeeper and the discipline Engineer.
  2. The discipline Engineer shall verify compliance of delivered materials/Equipment to specifications.
  3. Any damage or short delivery shall be reported on the appropriate forms and brought immediately to the notice of the Project Manager.
  4. The Project Manager shall report immediately to respective departments (Stores, Purchasing and Accounts Departments), which are to report to suppliers and underwriters.
  5. All above shall also be noted on delivery notes accompanying the goods.
  6. Any materials received without appropriate documents, i.e. delivery notes, shipping documents etc must be brought immediately to the notice of the Project Manager.
  7. He alone is authorized to accept or reject goods arriving without appropriate documents.
  8. If goods are not for immediate use, these shall be repacked in their original packing in a manner commensurate with storage procedure or Manufacturer’s storage instructions (The latter takes precedence)