Method Statement For Installation of Electrical DB, SMDB and MDB Panelboards



1. Introduction and Scope

This method statement is written for the purpose of establishing method and procedures for the Installation of DB, SMDB and MDB Panelboards.

2. Applicable Projects Specification

Sub Division: Subdivision

3. Location of Activity

Low Voltage Room and Electrical Rooms



4. Health and Safety Hazards

Specific safety measures have to follow as applicable, and all the safety measures are covered separately in the project safety plan.

5. Operation

  1. Materials: Materials used will be as per the material submittal approved by the engineer and will be as per the approved drawings in coordination with other services.
  2. Storage / Protection: DB, SMDB, and MDB and Accessories shall be unloaded with care to avoid any damages. If they are shipped in packs or pallets, each pack of pallet shall be lifted individually with suitable lifting equipment. Every precaution shall be taken to preserve their cleanliness before installation. Store in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, Properly protected from construction activities and weather conditions.
  3. Installation:
    1. To make sure that the entire installation is in conformance and in accordance with the design intent of the project for the Electrical and Low Voltage System in addition to the specification and as per approved shop drawings and comply.
    2. with local and International Standards.
    3. All the switchboards shall be fabricated at the manufacturer’s works.
    4. Before beginning installation in any area, examine all parts of the adjoining works into which applicable work is to be placed. Should any condition be found which will prevent the proper execution of the work, installation shall not proceed in that area until such conditions are corrected by the contractor.
    5. Fix all equipment independently of wiring system. Use cadmium of zinc electroplated bolts, nuts, washers and screw.
    6. Mount single DB at 1800mm from finish floor level to top of equipment, unless shown otherwise on drawing / schedules.
    7. Ensures that clearance in front of switchgear is not less than 1m, or as indicated.
    8. Number terminals, cables and component parts to correspond with manufacturer have certified drawings.
    9. Terminate PVC, SWA PVC and MICS cables inside enclosure by securing cables to switchboards with gland bracket; and enclosure with glanding plates or fabricated steel extension boxes.
    10. For flush installation, DB’s all conductors shall terminate behind the board in an adaptable box. For surface mounting, trunking shall be fixed between the board and ceiling or floor level, or conduit run directly into Trunking which prevent correct installation of the Trunking lid. Adequate earth continuity shall be made between the various components.

6. Responsibilities

  1. Project Manager

    1. To ensure that all the preparation and application works are carried out according to the Contract Specification.
    2. To ensure that the progressing of works is carried out according to the planned program and as per the approved method statement.
    3. To ensure that all equipment and material required executing the work are available according to the planned Construction Programme.
    4. To co-ordinate with the Main Contractor, MEP co-coordinator, and Safety Officer for a safe and proper execution of the works.
  2. Site Engineer

    1. To ensure that the works are carried out according to the Contract Specifications approved method statement.
    2. To provide all necessary information and distribute responsibilities to his construction team.
    3. To monitor the progress of work in relation with the work program and to report to the Project Manager.
    4. To co-ordinate with the safety officer and to ensure that the works are carried out in safe practicing methods.
  3. Foreman

    1. The foreman will carry out his duties by maintaining continuous coordination with the site engineer on daily basis, and ensure proper distribution of the workforce in the required and planned locations.
    2. To ensure that his assistant foreman/ charge hand are aware of the job requirements and they have enough information to carry out their duties properly.
    3. To ensure in consultation with the site engineer that the manpower involved in the works are moving as agreed and planned for the work.
    4. To ensure that the daily work is progressing as planned and advise the Site Engineer for any requirement of the additional resources.
    5. To control disposal of waste materials to the instructions received from the site engineer.
    6. To ensure full coordination with the safety officer to maintain safe working and proper house keeping of the site, following the approved safety measures and further ensure that all his working team are aware of the same to prevent accident and losses.
    7. After completion of works, Foreman shall inform the site engineer for inspection of works.
    8. Distribution and the control of materials shall be monitored by foreman and storekeeper.
  4. Safety Engineer

    1. Ensure the implementation of all the safety measures in accordance with the HSE plan and everybody aware of it for it’s proper implementation.
    2. Ensure all the implemented safety measures are adequate to maintain safe working on the site.
    3. Inspect all the site activities and train the person to prevent accidents and it’s proper implementation.
    4. Ensure that the site is maintained clean and tidy.

7. Manpower Required

Charge hand and Experienced Technicians

8. Materials Requirements

DB, SMDB, MDB and accessories

9. Equipment Requirement

The equipment that will be engaged for Installation of DB, SMDB and MDB works will be as follows:

  1. Wire cutters
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Drill machine
  4. Wooden hammer
  5. Flat file
  6. Screw drivers
  7. Open and box spanners
  8. Crimping tool

10. Health and Safety

Strictly follow as per the manufacturer’s Health and Safety recommendations for handling and use of the materials. Ensure all involved personal shall be aware of the same.

11. Supporting Documentation

This method Statement should be read in conjunction with the below referenced documentations.

  • ITP for Anti – termite Treatment
  • Insulation Resistance and continuity Test Report

12. Distribution

Copy of this method statement shall be issued to the following for information/ action/ comments:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Site Engineer
  3. Foremen

13. Inspection And Test Plan For Installation of DB, SMDB and MDB

ITP Clause No Inspection Description Type of Inspection Reference Document Testing Requirement/ Acceptance Criteria Verifying / Control Data Forms
1 Design and Drawings Review of Documents Design Drawings All the Drawings Design drawings, Authorities Departments Requirements.
2 Material Approval Review of Documents Approved Drawing and Specification Should be as per the approved drawing and Specification Submittals Documents
3 Check Switchgear installation and cable terminations. Visual, Insulation Resistance and Continuity Test Report Approved Method Statement Proper location installation, termination etc Material should have minimum status of – NO Objection with comments Approved Drawing Method Statement
4 Request for inspection of works Visual, Insulation Resistance and Continuity Test report. Approved Drawing No obstructions Level, and it is in proper position Approved Drawings