Construction Shop Drawings



Construction Shop drawings are the actual detail of all manufactured or fabricated items, indicate proper relation to adjoining work, amplify design details of equipment in proper relation to physical spaces in the structure, and incorporate minor changes of design or construction to suit actual conditions.



The term 'shop drawings' includes fabrication, erection, layout and setting out drawings; manufacturer's standard drawings, schedules; descriptive literature, illustrations, catalogues and brochures; performance and test data; diagrams and other drawings and descriptive data pertaining to materials, equipment, supporting systems, control systems and methods of construction as required to show that materials, equipment and systems and position thereof, conform to the Contract Documents. The term 'manufactured' applies to standard units usually mass-produced. The term 'fabricated' means items specifically assembled or made out of selected materials to meet individual design requirements.

Computer generated shop drawings should be CAD Drawings which has to be later made as as-built drawing after completion of the project prior releasing the final amount to the contractor.

The Contractor shall submit for approval, and obtain in due time to conform to the Contract Program, all shop and installation drawings based on the design drawings approved by the Authority and all other relevant Municipality or Government Authorities.

Construction Design Drawing

The Contractor, after being awarded the Contract, shall prepare and submit shop drawings submittal schedule within the stipulated days of Contract Award. Shop drawings shall be submitted with such promptness as to cause no delay in his own work or to any other Contractor. No extensions of time will be granted because of failure to have shop drawings submitted in ample time to allow for processing, in accordance with the submittal schedule.