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A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is responsible for obtaining views from live cameras, store and retrieve video footages when it needs. Hikvision has DVR that can be connected upto 32 cameras and capable to control remotely. DVR displays live view on the monitoring device - screen and at the same time it will record data to the HDD connected to it. It can record all the video footage or only in a pre-configured security events occurred. It depends the operator the system owns.



Advantages of Hikvision DVR

Hikvision manufactures a full range of Analog DVR and IP DVR that will definitely fulfill the needs of a security system runs.

Using common interface for every type and versions of DVR, Hikvision keeps awesome user experience even after upgrading their technology. It reduces costs for employee training and hassles for supports.

Keeping its pace, their research and development focuses on usability and durability making technicians in a comfort zone.

Hikvision provides iVMS software for most of their home and commercial applications.

Hikvision provides mobile applications to view and control DVR. It supports all popular mobile OS and devices.

The new generation DVR which comes under various series, can connect HD analog/network cameras and Coaxitron cameras seamlessly and provide powerful CCTV surveillance system to any level of use.

Combined with multiple advanced technologies, such as audio and video encoding & decoding technology, embedded system technology, storage technology, network technology and intelligent technology.

It can both work alone as a recorder and cooperate with other devices to build a comprehensive surveillance system.

Local and Nationwide support network.

Highlights of Hikvision DVR

Hikvision DVR Turbo HD
Hikvision DVR Turbo HD

Most of the Hikvision DVRs have common features ensuring consistent methods in installation, configuration and maintenance of any project. Following are the common highlights of the DVR systems found in the popular models.

  1. Used for HD-TVI, analog cameras, Coaxitron camera with long transmission distance, Network cameras
  2. Simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs
  3. New GUI and support starting record with one key
  4. Redundant recording and holiday recording
  5. Instant playback for assigned camera during multi-channel live view mode
  6. Support 4 to 32 channels synchronous playback
  7. Reverse playback for multi-camera
  8. Smart playback to go through less effective information
  9. Manual video quality diagnostics
  10. Customization of tags, searching and playing back by tags
  11. Locking and unlocking record files
  12. Support HDD quota and group management
  13. Different capacity can be assigned to different cameras under quota mode
  14. Provide SATA interfaces for recording
  15. Up to 1 self-adaptive 10M/100M and higher network interface
  16. Support access by EZVIZ Cloud P2P
  17. Support Hikvision DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System)
  18. Network detection function.

Applications of Hikvision DVR

General Arrangement Diagram for CCTV DVR Connection with Other Devices
General Arrangement Diagram for CCTV DVR Connection with Other Devices

Hikvision DVR are widely used in various sectors including residential premises, finance, public security, military, communication, transportation, education, health, auditoriums, etc..

Hikvision DVR Models

In Turbo HD series, DVR can be selected to 4 channels, 8 channels or 16 channels (Channel means, camera functions at a time) that depending upon the whole system required.

Hikvision Turbo HD DVR Model Numbers

Following models are available in this type:





















Hikvision DVR Model Numbers (Non HD Turbo)


Hikvision DVR Prices in India

The prices shown here are only for reference. Don't consider it is the current price. For the current selling price either in retail or bulk, contact your retailer or distributor.

  1. 4 Channel Mini HD DVR DS-7104HWI-SH: Rs. 3,100.00 (amazon.in)
  2. 4 Channel Turbo HD DVR DS-7104HGHI-E1: Rs. 2,900.00 (amazon.in)
  3. 16 Channel Mini HD DVR DS-7116HWI-SH: Rs. 7,170.00 (amazon.in)
  4. 16-channel Turbo HD DVR DS-7216HGHI-SH: Rs. 11,647.00 (amazon.in)
  5. 16 Channel Turbo HD DVR DS-7216HGHI-E1: Rs. 8,710.00 (amazon.in)
  6. 8 Channel Turbo HD DVR DS-7208HGHI-SH: Rs. 6,499.00 (amazon.in)
  7. 16 Channel Turbo HD DVR DS-7216HGHI-E1: Rs. 8,709.00 (amazon.in)
  8. 16 Channel Turbo HD DVR DS-7116HGHI-E1: Rs. 7,062.00 (amazon.in)

Hikvision Dealers

Hikvision Distributor in South Africa

Distributor Name: ADI Global Distribution

Phone: +27 0860 22 55 23

E-mail: --

Website: adiglobal.com/za

Hikvision Distributor in Tanzania

Distributor Name:ComSec Security Systems Limited

Phone: +255 22 286 5137/8

E-mail: sales@comsec.co.tz

Website: comsec.co.tz

Hikvision Distributor in Egypt

Distributor Name:H.Logic

Phone: +203-5826084; +203-5826085; +203-5847240; +203-5847250

E-mail: Sales@hlogicgroup.com

Website: hlogicgroup.com

Hikvision Distributor in Angola

Distributor Name:Naros

Phone: +244-917 696969

E-mail: naroslda@gmail.com

Website: naroslda.com

Hikvision Distributor in Morocco

Distributor Name:Newmatic

Phone: +212 5 22 95 00 01

E-mail: newmatic.casa@newmatic.ma

Website: newmatic.ma/

Hikvision Distributor in South Africa

Distributor Name:Pinnacle Africa

Phone: +27 (0)11 041 4317

E-mail: zaheerp@pinnsec.co.za

Website: pinnsec.co.za

Hikvision Distributor in South Africa

Distributor Name:Regal Imports (Pty) Ltd

Phone: +27-11-5533300

E-mail: enquiries@regalsecurity.co.za

Website: regalsecurity.co.za

Hikvision Distributor in South Africa

Distributor Name:Sensor security system

Phone: +27 11 314 9419

E-mail: jean@sensorsecurity.co.za

Website: sensorsecurity.co.za

Hikvision Distributor in Libya

Distributor Name:Smart System Solutions

Phone: Mob: +218 912129432 Tel: +218 21 717 3777

E-mail: Emad.Bennbaya@smartsoultions.ly

Website: smartsolutions.ly/

Hikvision Distributor in Tunisia

Distributor Name:SST, Security Sourcing & Training

Phone: +216-71871871

E-mail: sst.direction@securitysourcing.net

Website: securitysourcing.net

Important Tips When You Use Hikvision DVR

Before connecting and operating Hikvision DVR, note the following general tips for safe and proper functioning the device:

  1. DVR must be installed at well-ventilated, dust-free environment.
  2. All DVRs are designed for indoor use only.
  3. Keep away from tea, coffee or any kind of liquids.
  4. Ensure environmental conditions meet product specifications.
  5. Ensure unit is properly secured to a rack or shelf. Major shocks or jolts to the unit as a result of dropping it may cause damage to the sensitive electronics within the unit.
  6. Use the device in conjunction with an UPS if possible.
  7. Power down the unit before connecting and disconnecting accessories and peripherals.
  8. A factory recommended HDD should be used for this device.
  9. Improper use or replacement of the battery may result in hazard of explosion. Replace with the same or equivalent type only. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions provided by the battery manufacturer.

FAQ on Hikvision DVR Products

Some of the most popular FAQ are listed here:

What is Turbo HD DVR?

Turbo HD DVR facilitate enhanced visual effects compared to ordinary DVR. Turbo HD is available in higher resolutions most of them comes between 2 MP at 1080P and 1.3 MP at 720P. It gives 900TVL to 1100TVL of HD quality compatible with most HD CCTV surveillance systems.

What is the default password for Hikvision DVR?

User: admin

Password: 12345

The default password (12345) for the Admin account is for first-time log-in purposes only. You must change this default password to better protect against security risks, such as the unauthorized access by others to the product that may prevent the product from functioning properly and/or lead to other undesirable consequences.

Change the default password in the first instance itself. A strong password is recommended if you are monitoring your cameras remotely. It should be minimum 8 characters mixed with capital case, small case, numbers and special characters.



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