Building Project



Construction Quality Plan Of Building Project - Allocation Of Responsibilities

This section of Quality Plan identifies key personnel in the company concerned with the Quality plan and describes the responsibilities of these persons in relation to the system’s implementation. The project organization structure is set out in a chart form. The key staff with responsibilities in relation to quality are: Quality Assurance Manager, Project Manager, Discipline Engineer, Supervisors and Store man.

Construction Control Guidelines for Plot Access in Site Logistics

Prior to the commencement of construction on the Plot, any access or visitation to the Plot is restricted. Anyone requiring access and/or a visit to the Plot shall submit a request and obtain permission from the Master Developer's Project Manager. Any such permission will require a minimum of 24 hours notice period from the submission of the request.

Construction Quality Plan Of Building - Procurement Procedure

The discipline Engineer ensures that the Client Engineer’s approval has been obtained on the appropriate submittal form. The discipline Engineer shall check carefully that offered materials / Equipment are complying with the approved materials / Equipment as to makes, types, part Nos. and specs.

Construction Control Guidelines

Construction Control Guidelines of project will help participants to establish right relationship with each other. It explains guidelines and minimum requirements that must be adhered to by developers for the duration of their construction activities. It can be listed as follows: